Monday, August 16, 2010

Girly gingham garden frock!

I love making children's clothes! After spending years trying to make clothing for myself and solving a large number of fitting issues, I am pretty capable of creating a well fitted garment for myself. However, when I think about creating a garment for someone else, or even a line of garments in various sizes, it seems like the fitting issues grow exponentially. Anyways, I know it takes practice, but for now, I love making children's clothes!

Children have less clothes, and therefore less fitting concerns. Also, the styling can be much more whimsical. For now I am just making gifts, but maybe someday I will find my niche in the crafting/independent designer world.

I used a vintage pattern for this, because I loved the two-toned detail. The floral fabric was hand down to me, and I think the gingham was a thrift store acquisition that has been in my fabric trunk for a while.

The piping was a mid-project inspiration, but it really brings the dress together! I haven't found a home for it yet. For now I just get it out every once in a while and marvel at such a small, beautiful dress.

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