Monday, June 6, 2011

Revitalization, not regret

My whole life I have loved to create. I used scrap remnants to sew odd shaped teddy bears and doll clothes as a child. I created flyers and posters with paper, scissors and glue for yearbook and club events in junior high school. My high school career revolved around the dark room and the digital media lab. In college I got back into knitting, crocheting and sewing, this time learning to follow and adapt pattern.

What I had in creative talent, I lacked in self-confidence in my work. My biggest dream in high school was to go to art college, but I didn't think I was like my peers in high school that studied art. They painted oil paintings, and completed life drawings, and were on their way to scholarships from prestigious art colleges, and they knew it. We weren't so totally different - we all thrived on creating.

I wish I could tell my high school self that my artwork was worthy of a portfolio, a scholarship, and further development. I wish I had been more open about my interest in attending art school, so that I wouldn't have felt so isolated. But I took a different path - one that took a slow climb up the hill of confidence, with some falls along the way. I learned that you have to take the ball and roll with it, put yourself out there and some people will like your work and some people won't, but its still worth it! I am in the process of revitalizing my life and career goals to incorporate creative design again.