Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A proud mother: Vintage Valentino Blazer for sale

I have been thrifting my entire life (yes, even as a babe in a diaper, my mother would take me along on her expeditions). It was a lifestyle choice my mother made because of economics, but truly has developed into an expression of creativity and resourcefulness for the both of us. In junior high school I started buying clothes at the thrift store and reselling them at consignment stores. I still do a lot of thrift store shopping for myself, but I haven't been as into the reselling aspect of it, mostly because I haven't had the capital to invest. Instead I focus my energies on buying cheap sewing patterns and fabrics to make custom made clothing for myself.

My step-sister runs her own etsy vintage shop, and she was kind enough to accompany me on a thrift store shopping trip, share some of her etsy knowledge, and even to post a valuable vintage find of mine that I have been hanging on to til I had the right opportunity to sell it. Please check out her etsy shop.

At her shop you will find tons of affordable vintage clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry - including a vintage Valentino blazer of my own finding. It was thrilling to see it up there with proper photography highlighting it's features. I feel like a proud mother :-)

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