Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'll Eat You Up I Love You So!!!

Where the Wild Things Are holds a special place in my family (as in many I'm sure). It was a common request as a story to be read, and "I'll eat you up, I love you so" was a common phrase of endearment. My sister even has a Max tattoo!

I made a Max doll for my mother for Christmas this year. Once I had the idea, I was instantly inspired. I knew that it would become a treasured addition to her collection.

Max is wearing his wolf-suit pajamas. I purchased the fur new, but all of the other materials were from my stash of supplies (and my mother's...). I made the body from a doll pattern I had, and I made the suit from scratch, estimating proportions. The hair is yarn sewn on one stitch at a time - and a full head of hair like that is a time consuming process.
The buttons are doll buttons that my grandmother gave me and I sewed in a row of elastic loops on the other side to fasten across. I am not satisfied with his facial expression, but it is one of the things it is hard to get exactly right. I'd like to learn more face design techniques in the future.

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