Thursday, September 1, 2011

5 Views of a Teapot

This is the first look at my first project for design school. We were supposed to draw an object that shows "good design" as defined by Dieter Rams of Braun's fame in this article. I chose the teapot because it is simple, useful, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally-friendly, long-lasting, honest and unobtrusive. I am assigned with drawing the object I chose using different techniques, materials and viewpoints, and then I will compile them into a digitally generated poster of multiple images of the same object. These are my favorite sketches so far.
The drawing above was created with fine-point pen using a scribble-gesture technique. This drawing is successful because it shows the teapot with perceptual accuracy, but the scribble technique gives it interest through the texture. This drawing communicates the shape of the object as seen from the back.
This drawing is successful because of the shading used to show the form of the objects. The contrast between the black and the white, and the shades in between give the viewer a good feel for the object. This is the view of the object that I tend to be motivated to drawn the most. It shows the spout, the handle and the lid in addition to the "pot" of the teapot.
 The drawing above is successful because it communicates the outside shape of the object. It allows the viewer to see beyond details and focus on the form.

This drawing is successful, because I really let go of precision and just give a feeling of the form. Doing the blind contour really brought out some beautiful, effortless lines. It communicates a whimsical quality of the object.
This drawing of the teapot is successful because it shows the teapot in a different viewpoint, and I used a combination of techniques to show it in a new way. It communicates to the viewer what the inside of the pot looks like.

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