Monday, August 29, 2011

Goal Update

5.   Learn Adobe Suite
6.    Have a computer to use Adobe Suite on
7. Redesign my blog

I can cross out the above goals with a definitive Yes! First of all, I bought myself a laptop that I can do graphics editing on. I used the little "Kindle with Special Offers Deal" that I heard about from a friend, and I got 20% off my new laptop on 

Me using my laptop w/built in camera and headphones cause I'm waiting in a noisy airport!
As for the goal to learn Adobe Suite, I wouldn't say I've done that per say, but I did enroll in a graphic design program at the University of Kansas. And I'm realizing I have more Photoshop skills than I gave myself credit for. But please note, I will be posting entries for school assignments, as well as work in progress. 

As far as redesigning my blog: you will see the new header with the pencil-drawn wren, and the wooden side-paneling. Enjoy!

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