Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kiss the sewing machine goodbye

I have been able to feed my sewing addiction by using my roommate's sewing machine. Unfortunately, tomorrow she is moving out and taking the sewing machine with her! I have talked to my mom about shipping my sewing machine out here, but it will certainly be over a month until she has time and it gets here. I might try using my other roommates sewing machine, but it is an antique/old and it is very challenging to get it thread right and with the right tension.

In the meantime, I was super excited to find a series of blog posts on with collections of free knitting patterns. The posts feature free patterns for form-fitting knit hat designs, beret and slouchy styles, funky hat designs, and cowl and scarflet patterns.

There are plenty of exciting patterns on there to keep me busy even without a sewing machine.

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